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The Treatment of Modern Western Medical Diseases with Chinese Medicine

Since the initial publication of this book, the most complete clinical manual on the Chinese medical treatment of modern Western diseases, it has become far and away the best selling title that we publish. Now this new second edition has been expanded, updated, and improved. The new edition covers 79 common Western diseases, seven more than the previous book. For each disease the book covers both acupuncture and Chinese medicine protocols for treatment as well as a comprehensive review of Western medicine. In addition, all the herb listings have been reformatted as easy-to-read lists instead of paragraphs. The herbs are now...


Introduction to the Use of Processed Chinese Medicinals (formerly titled Pao Zhi)

In Chinese herbal medicine, the effectiveness of any medicinal is dependent upon its correct preparation before being used in any formula. The specific quality desired of a medicinal may be maximized by this correct preparation, thus insuring a more successful overall effect for the formula in which it is included. This book describes specific preparation instructions and uses of over 250 herbs for practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is an excellent addition to any herbal practitioner’s reference shelf. 350 pages Click Here to see the Table of Contents Click Here to read the Introduction


Dui Yao: The Art of Combining Chinese Medicinals

Based on thousands of years of recorded clinical experience, certain combinations of Chinese medicinals work better than others. Although theoretically there may be several possible combinations which might achieve a certain therapeutic effect, in actual fact, one combination in particular gets definite, dependable clinical results. This book describes over 100 of the best known, most useful two medicinal combinations of Chinese medicine. By studying these two medicinal combinations, students and practitioners alike will:     understand the construction of standard, time-tested formulas     be able to modify standard formulas to fit individual needs     be able...


The Treatment of Disease in TCM (7 volumes)

Vol. 1: Diseases of the Head and Face Including Mental/Emotional Disorders AUTHOR: Sionneau, Philippe & Lü, Gang This book is the first in a seven volume series by one of Europe's most authoritative TCM teachers and practitioners written in collaboration with his Chinese mentor. Covering diseases of the head and face as well as mental/emotional diseases, this book is unique in that it includes many diseases otherwise not discussed by other books, such as an ashen black facial complexion and numbness of the scalp. It also includes patterns under each disease not included in most other books,...

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